8 things I realized after coding for a 100 days

On November 12, 2014 I decided to code non-stop until the day I get a job as a Junior Software Developer… just to be able to keep coding. Is good to know these were not my first days ever.

I started with plain Ruby and fell in love. I was so in love, I dreamt of being a Ruby developer forever. Later on I switched to Rails, only to remember how amazing Rails was. I was so in love, my dreams started to change and I even wrote in my statement of goals for 2015, that on top of getting fit again, I needed to become a world class Rails developer. Weeks went by and I started coding plain JavaScript. I never felt so attracted to such a misunderstood. It felt like renewing wedding vows with a forgotten person you use to find really attractive but was never able to actually ever kiss. I use to sing John Paul Young’s most popular song all day long. And then, came the ultimate wonder: the JavaScript libraries and frameworks. Wow. I knew good’ol jQuery was cool, but Angular just blew my mind.

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Find the largest element in an array of numbers

Series: Common Algorithms with Ruby and JavaScript

One of the most common algorithms we usually have to deal with is:

Given an array of negative/positive integers, how to find the largest element in that array, without using max() for Ruby or Math.max() for JavaScript.

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