Swapping elements in an array with Ruby and JavaScript

Given an array of negative/positive integers, swap the smallest element of the array with the first element of the array.

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8 things I realized after coding for a 100 days

On November 12, 2014 I decided to code non-stop until the day I get a job as a Junior Software Developer… just to be able to keep coding. Is good to know these were not my first days ever.

I started with plain Ruby and fell in love. I was so in love, I dreamt of being a Ruby developer forever. Later on I switched to Rails, only to remember how amazing Rails was. I was so in love, my dreams started to change and I even wrote in my statement of goals for 2015, that on top of getting fit again, I needed to become a world class Rails developer. Weeks went by and I started coding plain JavaScript. I never felt so attracted to such a misunderstood. It felt like renewing wedding vows with a forgotten person you use to find really attractive but was never able to actually ever kiss. I use to sing John Paul Young’s most popular song all day long. And then, came the ultimate wonder: the JavaScript libraries and frameworks. Wow. I knew good’ol jQuery was cool, but Angular just blew my mind.

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gato y ratonesLife is single , complex and ephemeral. Men can not possibly rehearse before living. It is a film projected while recorded and a record that melts as ends. Shorts and images remain recorded in the memory of those in whom you had an impact.

Each one us has a concept, sometimes permanent, sometimes transient about what life is and what we want to accomplish. In this concept we base our priorities, which in turn are based on what we think will make us happy.
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