Happiness through Excellence

Happiness is, more than anything a decision. I will go further and say that happiness, is not easily achieved deciding directly to be happy.

For me, happiness is only reachable with the decision to improve. To become every day a slightly better.

No matter what you do or what area of ​​your life is important to you, you must commit yourself to be better every day. For the rest of your life. It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t have a healthy breakfast, have a healthy dinner. If you couldn’t workout in the morning, do it at night. If you were cruel or unkind yesterday, be a wonder today. Is not about what happened, it’s about what’s coming. Is not about following the good examples, it’s about giving them.

I have a list of things that I follow every single day of my life, and I want to share it with you. It doesn’t mean I don’t fail. It doesn’t mean that I always accomplish 100% of every step. But the truth is, I aim to live that way every day and constantly reading them, helps me to enforce myself to become every day, just a little bit better.

Excellence means:


  • Profess excellence as a living example
  • Find your purpose and believe is possible
  • Use your free time in self development
  • Ask and accept feedback positively
  • Never accept abuse
  • Never do what you don’t want done to yourself
  • Never quit
  • No matter what, love.


  • Feed yourself as healthy as possible
  • Workout every day
  • Visit your doctor regularly: Prevent any illness to greet you when is already too late.
  • Have an unbiased, healthy and responsible sexual life

Social Awareness

  • Contribute in every act and comment to improve and build
  • Respect nature: Don’t kill without a real reason
  • Accept others the way they are
  • Volunteer


  • Profit from your happiness: follow your dreams
  • Manage your resources responsibly
  • Keep the money flowing in a sustainable way: give back to the community

If you like any of those, enjoy it. If you can help me improve my list: Welcome! If you think this is useless, have a nice day!


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