gato y ratonesLife is single , complex and ephemeral. Men can not possibly rehearse before living. It is a film projected while recorded and a record that melts as ends. Shorts and images remain recorded in the memory of those in whom you had an impact.

Each one us has a concept, sometimes permanent, sometimes transient about what life is and what we want to accomplish. In this concept we base our priorities, which in turn are based on what we think will make us happy.

Some are more demanding and live motivated by a supposed future happiness that does not necessarily come. Other, somewhat more practical, condition their happiness to every little thing that brings it momentarily.

Happiness, which is the basis of our priorities, which are in turn the basis of the concept of what we want in life, is just a state of mind.

Society as a whole try to impose in our psyche its own concept of what life should be.

Many, malleable and passive, but not less, adapt their concept to fit the criteria imposed. Other, stubborn and rebellious, but not less, refuse to accept the status quo and project their concept on the canvas of their lives no matter what society thinks or their malleable and passive peers.

Some pay time to get money. Others pay money or resist to it, to have time.

Money is as necessary as time, subtly differentiated in that the money is renewable, replaceable. Today is, tomorrow is not, later is again. The time is just what it is. Every dollar wasted can be replaced. Every second lost, inevitably disappears and never returns. It is the permanent certificate that life is a bit shorter, that there is less time today than yesterday.

But time for what? To get money? To find love? To procreate? To be free? To achieve happiness?

For what?

It’s worth the effort to live every second. If you love your work, enjoy it. If you love your partner, enjoy it. If you love your neighbor, enjoy it. Enjoy what you love, love what you enjoy. Enjoying, no matter how long it last, makes you happy. Enjoying, is being happy. Love to enjoy, enjoy to love.

Do not waste time of your fleeting existence, suffering because your neighbor is not what you expected. Do not judge their ways or concepts, even when they seem outlandish and twisted. Be happy in the happiness of your neighbor. So, enjoy your neighbor without expecting him to be passive or rebellious, without expecting him to be in tune with your way of thinking.

Now, think and analyze whether your current reality, this, this very moment when you give me your time to read these lines, is what you want in life . If this that you are living is what you love, what you enjoy, what makes you happy.

If not, give up on it, take the opportunity to start again. Be yourself. Do not be afraid of what people say, if in the end, no one will die with you.

The time finishes for each of us individually. It’s the only thing that never changes, that never evolves. It is never too late until it’s too late.

Otherwise, you will sin like an idiot when on your death bed you understand that it is too late, and that the alleged future happiness never arrived.

Today is a good day to be happy!

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Jorge Polanco.


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